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Links and Recommended Reading

Good serial killer pages, and the must-reads for true serial killer buffs

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~*~ Serial Killer art for sale!
~*~ Psycho Killers comics for sale!
~*~ACTION FIGURES!! Limited! Very cool!
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~*~ Access Manson!
~*~ Son of Hope.  Official Berkowitz Website
~*~ The Dove's Nest.  Official Susan Atkins Website
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~*~ Serial Killer Central (check out the forums!)

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Recommended Reading:

~*~Bugliosi, Vincent. Helter Skelter

    Bantam Books, New York. 1975


~*~Atkins, Susan. Child of Satan, Child of God

    Logos International, New Jersey. 1997


~*~Bravin, Jess. Squeaky:The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme

    St. Martins Press, New York. 1997


~*~Davis, Don. The Milwaukee Murders

    Bantam Books, New York. 1986


~*~Dahmer, Lionel. A Father's Story

    William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York. 1994


~*~Schwartz, Anne E. The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough

    Carol Publishing Group, New York. 1992


~*~Cahill, Tim. Buried Dreams

    Bantam Books, New York. 1986


~*~Moss, Jason. The Last Victim

    Warner Books, Inc., New York. 1999


~*~Rule, Anne. The Stranger Beside Me

    W.W.Norton and Company, Inc., New York, 1989



~*~Schechter, Harold and Everitt, David. The A to Z 

Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

    Pocket Books, New York.  1996



~*~Lane, Brian and Greeg, Wilfred. The Encyclopedia of

Serial Killers

    Berkley Books, New York. 1992



~*~Dolan, Robert W. Serial Murder

    Chelsea House Publishers.  1997


~*~Bender, David and Leone Bruno. Violence in America

    Greenhaven Press, Inc., California.  1990


~*~Douglas, John and Olshaker, Mark. Mind Hunter

    Scriber, New York. 1995





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