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Patterns of Episodic Agressive Behavior


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These traits are often found in violent criminals. After reading these, compare this list with the histories of some of the killers on this page, and you will see how common these seemingly odd occurances are....

Patterns of Episodic Aggressive Behavior

From The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, page 18


1.     Ritualistic behavior

2.     Masks of sanity concealing mental instability

3.     Compulsivity

4.     Periodic search for help

5.     Severe memory disorders and an inability to tell the truth

6.     Suicidal tendencies

7.     History of committing assault

8.     Hypersexuality and abnormal sexual behavior

9.     Head injuries; injuries suffered at birth

10. History of chronic drug or alcohol abuse

11. Parents with a history of chronic drug or alcohol abuse

12. Victims of childhood physical or mental abuse

13. Result of unwanted pregnancy

14. Product of a difficult gestation for mother

15. Unhappiness in childhood resulted in inability to find happiness

16. Extraordinary cruelty to animals

17. Attraction to arson without homicidal interest

18. Symptoms of neurological impairment

19. Evidence of genetic disorder

20. Biochemical symptoms

21. Feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy