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I have begun trying to contact several serial killers, and when the letters come in, will share them with you here! I hope that you learn from their mistakes, if they're willing to admit to them, and if not, I hope you learn to be a good judge of character!
Please note:  the content of these letters may or may not reflect actual events or persons is my life, as the information that I sent to the inmate may or may not have been factual.  I may, also, have withheld names or small bits of the letter.  Otherwise, the letters below are the killer's writing word for word.
These letters are my personal property, and I would appreciate being e-mailed if you wish to use any of their content.  Thank you

Letter from David Berkowitz:
"Thank you for your letter and I am so happy that you found my messages, testimony and journal encouraging.  God knows how sorry I am for what happened in the past and that I would give my very life if I could go back in time to change this, and to prevent those things from happening. But of course this cannot be. Still I am thankful for His mercy and forgiveness. The Lord loves His creation very much and He longs for a personal relationship with each of us through Jesus Christ. It is not about being religious, but it is about having a deep and loving relationship with God.  And this is what I have to day.  And this is what He would love you to have with Him, and your troubled friend too.
   If I could go back in time and be sixteen again, I would value and cherish life.  I would tell my parents how much I love them, and I would try to spend more time with them.  For when I was sixteen I did none of this.  I led a selfish life-style staying away from home and running around the neighborhood trying to impress my peers.
  You did not give me much more information about this young man or his situation.  But this is okay.  I will pray for him, for God knows who He is. I am praying for you, too.
   Maybe he would like to read a copy of my testimony? I have a copy which I am enclosing with this letter.
Take care and be well.
  Oh, there are some youth messages on the site in the "miscellaneous" section.  Feel free to use these if you'd like.
   Best Wishes!
             David Berkowitz"
Visit the links section to find Berkowitz's web site "The Son of Hope"
Addition Letters (or segments) from Lynette Fromme:
"I'm glad that you will use your god given instincts to walk with grace through the natural world rather than hurling yourself w/ all force of desperate good intent.  There is much more to be gained in each step, each scent, each sound and in all you see and sense by feel.  Each animal percieves life differently.  Find naturalists to mentar you--or just read their books...Some people have learned from Earth for 20 or 30 yrs and have a lot to say.
"...This name 'White Rabbit' surfaces periodically.  I don't know how he passes himself off as EVER having anything to do with people I know or knew because he is not just unkempt, or rough or tough looking, but snot-ugly, with the habits of the most gross, incestuously stunted, backward, thumb-headed hill-person Hollywood has ever imagined.  Not someone you want to meet.  I saw him once and at the time the situation was funny; we made light of it and kindly sent him on his way, not wanting to hurt his feelings.  We had no idea he would crusade in our collective identity...

Letter from Lynette Fromme
Please note: this letter was very long, and so what you are about to read is just snippets of what I think are the heart of the message. Her handwriting was also at times a little hard to read, but I believe this to be accurate.
"God is so big that I don't like the presumption that he could be held by one religion.  All and everything is a constant balancing act.  People like to imagine a permanant fix--and certainly there are ways, but I believe that permanance or stasis is just not permitted in real life.  I may not like that sometimes but I've seen it.  That's why I see the need to look after what supports life, in all ways, from the simple awareness of how one species supports another, to the actions and activities necessary to stop a manufacturer from producing or at least spilling and dumping toix chemicals into the water ways and onto land and into the air we all require for sustainance."
"I already put out the message I was compelled by my own perception to put out."
"If you've never seen your state and national parks I'd recommend it because you would find, as I have, that those images and scents and sounds and feels come back to you later in life.
When I headed back east and learned of the many people who have never been to the ocean I thought everyone was familiar with oceans.  Ah, not so. I found people who'd never been out of the city or burb where they grew up.  California was terribly polluted as I was growing up.  People pigged out on all it had to offer and covered up much of its beauty, but it's still a remarkable place when you get out of the crowds. The beaches were wonderful. You could walk for miles and sometimes never see another soul.  You could have the ocean and the sky and the sand and the [sic] caverns all to yourself."
"Believe that faith is real and inside and will give you all you need to know. If you care about life and are sincere you'll be led.
                     Lynette Fromme"
Quick Note From Susan Atkins...
A 'PS' regarding my letter to her at the bottom
of a typed story about a dead inmate friend....
"You may want to try to locate a copy of my book "Child of Satan, Child of God" on ALIBRUS.COM, for your friend. I think it will help to show the severe and tragic consequences of bad choices.
Poem written by Arthur Shawcross entitled "Serials":
Why is there a commonality to people
like us: can it be our independency and
self-sufficency that keep our subsequent
bizarre behavior of the rush.
With the severity of violence
in the frenzy to execute anyone
without remorse, without a conscious thought,
leaves one with memories in the silence.
The force we feel no one finds
or the unshakable belief and cumulative
pitfalls, or the depression in combinations
of severe pain of our kind.
I for one enunciate that I
am much much more that stated by people
the press, or the world's eye.
If you see in me agitation, insanity, furor,
excitability, delirium, violence or just plain evil:
then I suggest you look in the mirror...

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